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Personalized & Custom Gifts for Your Favorite Sports Coach


Custom & Personalized Sports Gifts for Your Favorite Coach

We Love Your Coach

At ChalkTalkSPORTS, a company ran by athletes for athletes, we understand the great importance of a coach. Your coach is someone who guides you, advises you, helps you practice, and even trains you in sports. From cheer to football, the coach always has a demanding presence. A team without a coach is like a ship without a captain. Show appreciation and gratefulness to your coach with personalized gifts for your almighty coach.

Personalized Clipboards for Coach

No matter your coach’s sport, we can help furnish his athlete’s arsenal. With handy dry erase clipboards from ChalkTalkSPORTS, your coach can write-out plays with no mistakes. If your coach needs a lacrosse clipboard, hockey clipboard, basketball clipboard, baseball clipboard, field hockey clipboard, or football clipboard, we can indulge him/her. These superb clipboards include flat clips at the top to keep all of your coach’s paper organized, and a dry erase pen secure. For precision on the court or field, we offer a close-up version of the play zone on the back. Just when you think that’s all, there is more. In conjunction, we offer weatherproof 1000 Denier Nylon bags to safely keep the ever-important clipboard in. Surprise a coach today with these incomparable clipboards!

Get With the Program! Personalized Engraved Whistles for Coach

Your coach will be training his team in style with these alluring engravable whistles. With a bunch of options, you can count on coach’s preference being available. Along with a whistle, you will also recieve a wood (either maple or walnut wood) case to protect your coach’s whistle. In like manner, you will recieve a Safe-T-Tip to protect the whistle while it is being used. Attain an engravable whistle in Silver, Brass, or 24K gold plated finishes. Since 1991, referees of the Superbowl are awarded the same radiant gold whistle. Get a load of our customizable coach whistles at

Custom Picture Frames to Capture Those Big Moments

At the end of the hockey, lacrosse, baseball (or whatever your sport may be) season, your coach wants something timeless to remember it by. We know this, and offer an excellent way to go about capturing that moment for him/her. Engravable picture frames with styles according to sport bring an undying method of remembrance to your coach’s home. Horizontal and vertical orientations are available, and you have room to fit two (2) to three (3) lines of meaningful text or quotes below the picture. We offer silver picture frames, silver clock picture frames with a clock, and black picture frames. These vary in size from 7.5″ x 9.5″ to 11.25″ x 13.25″. Find the picture frame best for your coach at

Engraving for That Personal Touch Your Coach Will Love

Supercharge your coach’s wrist with lightweight, nylon, kernmantle rope and an engraved aluminum slider. You may be asking youself “…what did they just say?!” Well, I was talking about our paracord bracelets with sport specific engraved graphics and personalized engraved text. These are an ideal gift for any coach. For a classier gift, we offer engraved pens and bottle openers. For pens, we offer a black enamel style and a maple wood style, all fully personalized with your name, team name, or a short message. To keep your coach’s pens safe, we also include matching cases. Our bottle openers offer a simple gift solution for coaches. Select your sport specific bottle opener keychain, type in the name you want engraved, and add it to the cart. It’s that easy. Make your coaches day with a personalized gift they won’t forget.

Enthralling Personalized Gifts for the Coach

Does your coach enjoy a cold glass of water after his game? A ‘thanks coach’ coaster or a coaster with a photo of your choice printed on it would go great with your coach’s drink. How about a personalized sport specific wood frame with text of your choice? Maybe a customized mug for his/her coffee? ChalkTalkSPORTS offers these and much more.

Other Thoughtful Gifts for the Coach

We have so many gifts for your coach, he wouldn’t know what do with all of them. From sport specific to personalized T-shirts, sweatshirts, to jewelry, pucks, balls, ties, knit hats, and thank you cards, we have it all at the best gift source for coaches,